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In a paper titled “My Self-Care Plan” create six level 2 headings using the six categories of Cognitive, Behavioral, Affective, Physical, Social, and Spiritual, and outline with bullets a personal self-care and stress management plan that would help you avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and ministry stagnation. Utilize the materials used throughout the course to help support your thoughts and ideas. Don’t only think of what you can/should do, also think of things that you could/should cease doing.

I’m not interested in seeing APA style here, nor am I interested in you citing your textbook in the bullets; however, I do want to see evidence that you apply concepts from this course and have read and are following the course textbook and pdf documents and resources given. If there are outside websites or sources that can give you guidance or direction in your implementation process, feel free to use them.

Forgiveness: As part of your self-care plan under the spiritual category, consider the idea of forgiveness and how it may be implemented as part of your self-care plan. Listed below are links related to forgiveness models that involve various steps and/or processes. When considering the idea of forgiveness, many perceive this as something that takes time especially if there has been a series of events that can lead to a crisis moment such as a crisis of faith (just to name one example). As part of the healing process showing empathy as noted in the above models may be helpful. Consider when Christ was on the cross during his crisis he showed compassion for others asking God on the behalf of others to forgive them. The forgiveness portion of the paper will have a heavier weight of the grade.

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Read this long informative paper on Forgiveness and incorporate concepts from this paper into the Spiritual category of your Self-Care plan.

Additional resources:

RAIN by Tara Brach (2017)

(*** pp 15-16) in

To recap your assignment: In a paper titled “My Self-Care Plan”

create six level 2 headings using the six categories of Cognitive, Behavioral, Affective, Physical, Social, and Spiritual

, and outline with bullets a personal self-care and stress management plan that would help


(personally, not generally) avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and ministry stagnation. The Spiritual category should be the longest as it will incorporate the forgiveness concepts. This could be a paper of up to 4-6 pages to include your APA-formatted title page. No need to include citations with the bullet points, but list references at the very end from which you culled your materials.

Please make sure your name and page numbers are embedded in the header of each page (see the APA hints).  Submit the paper using the “Self-Care Plan” submission link in the Papers & Quiz tab

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