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Review the Sexual Harassment tutorial( i will give  you tutorial link ), which
is found in the lecture. After viewing the Sexual Harassment tutorial,
completing the reading, and reviewing the lecture notes in conjunction with the
TCO, answer the following questions about the tutorial scenario and facts.

Based upon the
scenario, does the employee have a legally viable claim for quid pro quo sexual
harassment and/or hostile environment sexual harassment? What is the likely

Analyze the legal
factors for the potential claim(s) in the context of the employee pursuing
legal action against the employer.

Let’s shift gears.
Using the same scenario, assume that you are in the HR Department of your
organization, and that you were just presented with the scenario as an example
used to explore policies and procedures that will avoid sexual harassment
liability. Your boss has asked you to make preliminary suggestions (which will
be presented to the legal counsel) regarding sexual harassment protocol that
will avoid potential liability. What would your top five suggestions be and

Your assignment should be between 500-750
words in length. You must also properly cite your sources using APA format.

Note. This assignment is  from the course  Employment Law

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