she stoops to conquer

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Describe how people act in the play. Then, relating to what you have learned in the book about theater

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PAPERS(requirement) All papers must be typed and free of spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. If the response is an essay
format it must be a minimum of 3-4 full typed double-spaced pages, Times New Roman, Size 12 Font, 1in
Margins. There is an automatic letter grade reduction for not meeting minimal length requirements. Papers will
be submitted on Blackboard.
For each paper you may choose the topics you wish to discuss. Choose a point of view to develop giving many
examples of specifics from the production. The best papers are those that use examples and specifics to explain
what points are being made. Your topics should relate to what you are learning in the lectures. The best papers
should have an Introduction Paragraph, 3 Body Paragraphs (3 Topics) and a Summery or Conclusion
Paragraph. DO NOT GIVE A SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY! I see the play as well and do not need it. Your paper
should highlight and discuss the topics compared to what you are learning and how you analyze the production.
An article in Springfield News-Leader August 8, 2001, p. 1D, reported on the deteriorating writing skills of
college students. Common errors pointed out were not knowing the difference with they’re, their, and there, and
routinely confusing its and it’s.
“Perhaps most ironic, given Microsoft’s role in computer spelling checkers, there are 400 notes warning of
homophones. Students looking up ‘stare’ for examples, are advised: ‘Do not confuse ‘stare’ with ‘stair,’ which
has a similar sound. Beware: your spellchecker will not catch this error.’”

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