Singapore (ancient China themed luxury hotel)

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IBCAP Progress Update Report

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  1. Follow the project requirements and guidelines to complete your IBCAP Progress Update report.  This is an individual project you will need to self-motivate to work on this self-paced project.  The project will require a lot of work and time so do not postpone it until the last week. Visit the resource center created for this project at NU library at this link:

The IBCAP Progress Update written report should adhere to the “Written Works, Reports, and Power Point Submissions” guidelines stipulated in the Course Outline and must include completed items 1 through 9 of the project requirements (stipulated above) and a list of at least 10 cited references (as per APA format).  Upload the MS Word document into Week 2 IBCAP Progress Update Report assignment section in Brightspace on the scheduled due date in Week Two by 11:59 PM PST.  See explanations and details in this document and in the Course Outline and the evaluation rubric in the Course Shell in Brightspace. 


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