Skills for doc res 3

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1.    Listen to the

2.    Read the following peer-reviewed article in preparation for your scheduled cohort discussion:

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  • Sutherland, C., & Cheng, Y. (2009). Participatory-action research with (im)migrant women in two small Canadian cities: Using Photovoice in Kingston and Petersborough, Ontario. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 7(3), 290-307.  Write a 3-to-4 paragraph response to the following assignment:
    • Describe, in your own words, the purpose of each of the main components of a research article:
      • Theoretical/Conceptual framework
      • Literature review
      • Research questions and/or hypothesis
      • Assumptions, limitations and delimitations
      • Implications of the research
      • Choose one of the following components: Theoretical/Conceptual framework, Literature review or Research questions and/or hypothesis. Was the article effective in presenting this information? Explain why or why not.


Submit your responses to the questions under item 2 to your cohort faculty.

Drop down “Tools” on the top navigation and choose “Communicate.” Click on the “Mail” tab and “Send Mail.” Search for your cohort faculty by clicking on the “To” button. Attach or provide your response in the body of the email, click “Send.”

  • In what ways is the peer review process important for your academic and professional goals?

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