Some simple questions about Astronomy, it is more about solar system.

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1:In a paragraph, briefly describe the process through which astronomers believe the Earth acquired its Moon.

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2:Even though Venus is further from the Sun than Mercury, the average surface temperatures on Venus are hotter than those on Mercury. In a brief paragraph, explain how this can be the case.

3:In a paragraph, briefly describe why astronomers find Jupiter’s Moon Europa so interesting, especially when it comes to the possibility of life. In this paragraph, you should also explain how the interior of Europa remains so warm despite the fact that it is a relatively small object that should have cooled off long ago (but hasn’t).

4:Briefly list and describe some of the reasons why Pluto is now considered to be a Dwarf Planet rather than its previous classification as Planet.

5:In a brief paragraph, explain why astronomers believe small, terrestrial planets formed near the Sun and large, jovian planets formed further away from the Sun.

6:In a brief paragraph, explain why our solar system has an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

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