State v Stu Dents

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Last year, on the mid-afternoon of October 18th, the defendant, Stu Dents, left his
apartment on Main Street and drove to Broadway and 83rd. Two eyewitnesses say the
defendant then walked through the Broadway Arms apartment building to his girlfriend’s
apartment, number 156, and entered the apartment.

It is unclear how the defendant
entered the apartment, but no signs of force were evident. Witnesses could not
say if the defendant used a key. The victim, Uma Opee, was not home at the
time. Coworkers say Uma Opee was last seen when she left work at 5:10 p.m.

The body of the victim was found
October 19th at 7:45 a.m. behind an abandoned building approximately 5 miles from her
residence. The victim was found with cloth stuffed in her mouth, her arms and
legs tied with rope restraints, having been stabbed to death.

Uma Opee
worked at a music store within walking distance of her apartment. She had a
previous criminal record that included shoplifting, drug possession and sale,
assault, and disorderly conduct. Uma completed court-ordered rehabilitation
just 2 months before her death.

The coroner determined that the
victim was stabbed 13 times and bled to death at approximately 11:45 p.m. the evening of
October 18th. Cuts and bruises were found on the victim’s body as well as skin
particles under her fingernails, signifying a struggle had occurred prior to
her death. DNA tests were conducted on the skin particles under the victim’s
fingernails and matched the DNA samples of the defendant. A toxicology report
showed there were no drugs in the victim’s system at the time of her death.

The victim’s apartment was found
to have spots of blood on the carpeting in the living room as well as rope
particles matching the rope used to tie the victim’s hands and feet. A blue
MDMA tablet, also known as ecstasy, with a “thumbs-up” imprint was found
under a table in the living room as well as powder cocaine residue on the
living room coffee table.

Upon a search of the defendant’s
home, detectives found ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, and jewelry owned by
the victim among the defendant’s possessions. Among the jewelry found was an
inscribed ring with the victim’s name. The ring was later identified by coworkers as a ring the
victim wore on a daily basis, including the day of her disappearance.A small bag
containing blue ecstasy tablets, with a “thumbs-up” imprint, were found at the defendant’s residence, which matched the tablet
found at the victim’s residence.
In a locked room toward the back of the defendant’s home, police found a wall
completely covered with photographs of the victim. The photos were of Uma Opee
in various locations and situations. Some photos appeared to have been taken
without her knowledge. Police estimated over 300 photographs of the victim were
stapled on the wall. Police also found love letters to the victim and a journal
that was started 6 months prior to the incident. The journal included Stu Dents’
name inside the front cover along with detailed events from his first meeting
of the victim up to the night prior to the murder. Entries discussed purchasing
rope, rags, and a sharp hunting knife “to fulfill [his] destiny.” Many pages of
the journal contained references to aliens, God, and the end of the world. The
journal entries stopped on October 17th.

Enough evidence was obtained to make
the arrest of Mr. Dents. Officers located Stu Dents on October 21st at 8:45 p.m. at a relative’s home.
When police officers tried to take him into custody, he began screaming
about the end of the world and aliens working in the police force. He was
extremely agitated, irrational, and combative. When Officer T. Chur began to handcuff him, the defendant punched
the officer in the face and screamed, “Alien!” As officers subdued the defendant, he repeatedly yelled, “I am God, let
me go! I am God!”

The toxicology report of the
defendant showed no trace of illegal drugs at the time of arrest.

The state charges Stu Dents with the following:


Assault of a police officer



related to drugs

Do not use in-text citations to try and fill the word count, think as a prosecutor which wants the death penalty. APA format

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