summarize an article

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One topic that comes up fairly often in hydrology is the concept of climate variability. Please read the attached paper, especially the section headed as “Applications” on page 559. After reading the paper, you must participate in the discussion by posting in two different ways.

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1) Post a set of five vocabulary terms (note the terms as the subject of the post) that need definitions

  • Define the five terms in your own words and according to your understanding of how they are used.
  • Reply to two different student posts by offering your interpretation of the definition of at least two of the vocabulary terms by providing evidence and an example of how you defined the terms. (Not now)
  • Original post author must reply to the new definitions by evaluating if the newly offered definition would improve the understanding of what the term is.(Not now)

2) In a separate post from your terms, please describe how you interpret the use of statistics in discussing Global Warming and Climate Change.

  • Reply to at least one other post by asking a question or commenting in a constructive manner on the interpretation made by the post’s author.(Not now)
  • Original post authors should reply to those students who ask questions or post replies.(Not now)

Note: these questions are an online discussion, so these may other question that needs to answer depending on that discussion.

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