Teacher Assistant Application

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Hello, I am applying for a teacher assistant position and the application requires to answer the following two questions. I already answered the questions, all I need is someone to proof read them for me and make my answers stronger. Feel free to add things that are not mentioned if you believe that they will make me a stronger candidate. Also, feel free to remove or reword any repetitiveness. Thank you

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Please describe any prior teaching or tutoring experience: (2000 characters max)

(Teaching and tutoring always accompanied my educational path. I tutored Chemistry I, Chemistry II, and organic chemistry I for almost two years at Grossmont College (one to one and group sessions), which was a very rewarding experience that taught me a lot. I was able to share my knowledge with my students, help them understand the material, help them attain better studying skills and methods, answer their questions, and provide them with different tools (worksheets, handouts, etc.) that would set them up to success. Part of being a tutor at Grossmont College, I was able to help professors grade homework, exams, and host exam review sessions.

Currently, I am an Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice at UCSD for Professor James Golden (Microbiology 120). Although I had experience teaching/tutoring prior to this experience, yet it added a lot to my set of skills and knowledge. Currently, I host my own discussion section with around 20 students, I lecture during my session and constantly take student questions, I help my professor with proctoring tests and grading them, as well as grading other assignments, I host office hours for students who would like to seek extra help, and I hosted several study sessions, including one for midterm preparation. Throughout the quarter, I have been trying to go above and beyond with offering different ways for students to be more accessible for help, at the same time, I make sure I am providing the professor with the assistance he needs to run his class efficiently. As an IA I take responsibility for the whole class by being fully engaged during class and discussion. I make sure I emphasize on what the students should take out of the class; furthermore, make sure I cover the material that the professor did not have enough time to explain in depth. Overall, I make sure I am being an effective learning reference for the students. )

Why do you want to be a Teaching Assistant/Reader/Tutor/Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice? (3000 character max)

(Throughout the process of building my years of experience in tutoring and teaching, I have been realizing day after the other that I belong to this field. I have gained enough experience to be aware of what different students need from me as a teacher/tutor to help them improve and succeed. I have learned a lot of different techniques and gained different sets of skills that make me successful at giving a lecture, answer student questions, approach topics from a different angle in case a student is having a problem understanding it, and assist students to develop better studying and learning skills. On the other hand, I have been very efficient at assisting professors with different tasks, including write homework questions, adjust exam questions, grade assignments and exams, and even cover for the professor when he is unable to attend.

This experience is very essential to me because it helps me give back to my school and my fellow students, by helping them succeed and gain the knowledge they need from the class to be well prepared for their next steps whether in education or the work field. Besides that, as I experienced being an Instructional Apprentice, I was able to drastically improve my leadership skills, by hosting and leading numerous discussion and review session. At the same time, IAs are always communicating with the professor, student, and each other, which helps them develop better communicating and teamworking skills. Hence, having this experience is really vital to me as it will help me build on my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

As an IA, I was able to successfully help many students surmount hardships in their classes; furthermore, I was very successful at being effective assistance for my professors as far as the side work (including grading) that was needed. Student reviews were always rewarding and phenomenal, showing how much my help was appreciated and how much of a difference I was able to make in their educational journey.

Eventually, I am very interested in pursuing higher education and be part of an educational faculty. My passion for teaching grows day after the other, which makes me always seeking improvement in this field. My effectiveness and the positive feedback from teachers and students is what keeps me driven and motivated to become an Instructional Apprentice. Furthermore, I am certain that I have worked hard and attained the experience I need to be very successful at assisting my professor and students.)


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