Terra cycle– video review.

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Video Review

Video – Terra Cycle: Foundations of Behavior – Watch the video here and answer the following questions:

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  1. Elaine Gaughran, Vice President of Human Resources, explains that TerraCycle hires mostly recent college graduates. Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this hiring strategy?
  2. Mary, a production worker at TerraCycle, says, “I feel like this is my company, too.” What can entrepreneurs do to create that attitude among their workers? Do small companies have an advantage over large businesses when it comes to creating an environment that creates the attitude that Mary expresses in the video? Explain.
  3. Milton Oppenheimer, an assistant production manager, says that TerraCycle hires employees who have criminal records, including himself. What are the risks and rewards of hiring these employees?

Summarize your answers in one Word document.

(Please provide good quality and original response. Thank you!)



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