The family health tree

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make family health tree it could be in powerpoint or word file .

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Your family tree should include the information below for you and your children,
as well as your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.
(Note: Use the data collection forms to help you stay organized.)

• date of birth (year)
• occupation
• physical description (height and weight: short/average/tall and
• health behaviors
o smoking/nonsmoking
o alcohol consumption
o diet patterns (high fat, low fat, low fiber)
o exercise
o drug use/abuse/addiction
• diseases and date of onset/diagnosis
• other related health conditions (includes surgeries)
• if deceased, the cause of death and age (if death is caused by disease, also
include age of onset).

Organization of family tree
Your family tree should be pedigree style. It should provide information about
each family member such as age, alive or decease, diseases, lifestyle, etc, that is
meaningfully collected from the interviews with family. It should be displayed in
color and symbol form. Some information can be in words but should be

You will be required on the following:
• thorough information provided (120 points)
• use of symbols and/or color (30 points)
• explanatory key (20 points)

• Easy to read and interpret (30 points

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