The impact on Global Business decisions by CSR, Ethics & Environmental issues

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Need 5- 8 page PPT and 800 words of Summary of Content

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CSR, Ethics & Environmental issues can choose one theme

Could wirte Tesla company

some of write:

Research Question Justification

Why have you chosen this topic within the theme you have selected to present? How does this topic relate to business decision making in a global business context? What is the academic relevance of your topic?

Literature Review

Research: You must Include in your submission200 word review of the sources for you presentation

You must analyse the point of view of the various key sources used in your presentation.

Your audience will need to be convinced that you have not simply fabricated your ideas. It is absolutely essential that you support your argument with supporting researched, referenced views and/or data from reputable sources

Analytical Framework

An argument or point of view not convincing if you do not clearly demonstrate that you have considered the standpoint of others and either rejected them or used them to support and validate your perspective. Have youdrawn conclusions by Triangulation of perspectives – Academic, Journalistic, Business, Sustainability

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