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WEEK THREE: The Leader as the Social architect

Organizational Structure


leader’s job is to create the direction so the company can move
forward. The leader does this in steps. Here are the steps of the

First, the leader designs the vision and mission for the company and

the leader must establish an organizational structure which promotes
the vision, mission and empowers the employees to keep the forward
movement in the

In creating the structure various factors must be considered.

  • First
    and foremost is the purpose of the company or organization. What type
    of structure will best accomplish that goal?  Certainly a company like
    UPS needs a somewhat rigid structure that is set up to focus on
    procedure and time sensitivity.  Since UPS has as its goal to get the
    correct parcels to the right customers in the fastest possible way,
    variance in procedures or ways of accomplishing the tasks would not work
    well.  A tight delineated structure is imperative.
  • Along
    with the purpose the leader must look at the vision of the
    organization. Where does the leader want the organization to go? How
    best can the structure provide for the future?  Will the vision call for
    expansion into other countries or simply call for product development
    changes?  Does a leader plan a structure that can easily grow in size
    without harming its integrity or one that focuses on the best way to
    make new products?  Also, vision must be built into the organizational
  • The
    people who make up the organization, their jobs and the decision making
    authority should be considered. The authority must flow and make the
    organization respond favorably to the decisions and changes that are
    needed to move the organization forward toward the vision while making
    sure stability continues to keep tasks on track.  This is tricky because
    the leader’s job here is not to tell the manager what procedures to use
    or make but rather to set up a structure and authority to make it
    possible for them to develop those procedures, etc.
  • The
    structure should be people centric focuses on how people will best work
    together to get their jobs done while still focusing on the vision and
    the necessary change that is inevitable to keep the business alive in
    the 21st Change is the operative word.
  • Budget is a major consideration in the present and in the future.
  • Finally,
    environment factors like sustainability and knowledge management will
    need to be considered in developing the structure.

Please review the Learning Activity attached for completion.

I have attached reading resources to review (optional)

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