The Nature of Compensation Discussion, business and finance homework help

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The Nature of Compensation

For our first question, take a
moment to think about compensation. What does compensation mean to you as an
employee? Talk to your colleagues at your workplace. What do they think about
compensation – and how well they are believe they are compensated. Are there
issues? Is it really all about money? Is there a psychic component to
compensation for you or for them? Conduct brief research and see what experts
say is the effect of satisfied employees on a company’s bottom-line.

Q2) Benefits

Why do employers provide
employee benefits, rather than providing all compensation in the form of pay
and letting employees purchase the services they want? Of the benefits
discussed in chapter 7, list the ones you consider essential- that is, the
benefits you would require in any job offer. Why are these benefits important
to you?


Also check chapter 6 & 7 in the textbook

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