The pertinent aspects of the readings and lecture and how, in your opinion, things have or have not changed over the past few decades.

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is the first of two sections that examines depictions of race in
popular culture. Race is a huge, huge issue in our society. It is so
big, that we have a difficult time understanding it, or even in fully
conceptualizing all the ways in which it pervades our culture. One of
the ways to gain some access to understanding it do what come critics
have called “personalizing the issue.” That happens when we translate
large and impersonal problems into smaller, more manageable images,
stories, and texts.  The personalization of race relations in America is
often done textually through discourse or narrative. Instead of trying
to tackle the entirety of any large public problem, someone can instead
look for ways to discussed the problem through, for example, music,
television, books, film, plays, academic articles, college courses, and
so forth. In this section we have looked
at a film and several articles and interviews to see how other people
have expressed their personalization (or dissection of large,
intractable, and dizzyingly complex issues through stories) of the topic
of race in America.

Assignment 1

your own words write a summary of about 750 words that describes the
pertinent aspects of the readings and lecture and how, in your opinion,
things have or have not changed over the past few decades. Be sure to
draw on specific ideas from the readings and lecture in your response,
and use your own examples to elucidate your points. Try to make
connections that might be common across all the readings, and use your
reading notes to help frame your response.

Post your response to the “6.0 Race I readings responses” section of the discussion board.

**Note, if the discussion board items appear out of order, you can click on “Forum” at the top to order them.

Assignment 2

on the “Things to think about when watching the film” section in the
film folder, write a roughly 750 word response to the film for this
section. The specifics of your response are up to you, but you should
try to draw together ideas discussed in the readings and the lectures
and compare them to issues covered in the film.

Link to the film:

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