Thinking Techniques on voting, writing homework help

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In this lesson, you looked at two types of thinking, reactive and reflective. Put simply, reactive thinking results in quick decisions while reflective thinking constitutes evaluating the situation and then planning an appropriate action. For the following decisions, which type of thinking would you be most likely to use? 

Make sure to explain your answers.  Answers should be in full, complete sentences. 
Grammar and spelling will be graded.  Proofread carefully. 

Each question is worth 10 points:  5 points for method of thinking/5 points for detailed explanation.

Clearly state:   I would use reactive thinking in this example  OR  I would use reflective thinking in this example.   This should be followed by your rationale/explanation.   Do not state both – choose one or the other; then, make sure to state your rationale.

Scenario/Situation: Deciding when to shift gears when driving.
Explanation/Response:  I would use reactive thinking in this example. When someone is driving a manual vehicle, they have to know how to drive it; therefore, they must be able to make quick judgments in order to switch gears as/when necessary.   It does not require a great deal of thought. 

  1. Deciding whether or not to stop and vote as you are driving home on election day
  2. Deciding whom you will vote for
  3. Deciding which school to attend
  4. Reading through the entire assignment before beginning work
  5. Deciding whether or not to post a picture on Instagram or Facebook
  6. Deciding whether or not to loan money to a family member
  7. Deciding where to stop to pick up dinner
  8. Deciding which car to purchase
  9. Deciding which is the right deal for purchasing a car
  10. Deciding what to wear to a job interview

Submission Criteria 
Write a 1–2-page paper in Word format.

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