This week, revise the Persuasive Essay Draft you completed earlier

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In 1-2 pages, revise your essay that challenges the following claim:

“Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it is damaging to society something can and should be done.”

Persuasive Essay
– First Draft

  This paper is a persuasive
essay. In this paper, I will create an essay that challenges the following
claim: “Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it is damaging to society
something can and should be done.” The First Amendment of the U.S.
Constitution gives all American’s the right to freedom of speech. This is one
constitutional right that the majority of individuals know and can quote to

  Freedom of speech is imperative to everybody within
the society. It’s because it offers everybody an opportunity to express what
they feel and believe is right. Therefore, I tend to assume that there is not
one time when the freedom of speech ought to be termed to be damaging to the
society. For instance, everybody speaks consistent with what they believe and
what they think was done wrong. As a result, freedom of speech isn’t something
that may cause harm to the society since it’s continually trying to make things
better (Melkonian, 2012). If something needs to be done relating to the freedom
of speech, then it means individuals will get deprived of the freedom that they
need therefore making it inaccessible for them to express what they believe.

think that something should be done whenever freedom of speech is used for the
incorrect reasons. As an example, when groups use freedom of speech to incite
people to try and do things that are wrong or start riots in the street and use
freedom of speech (expression) to justify it. In such a situation, something ought to be
done to make sure that the person is stopped, and also, the individuals are
made to grasp that what they were being asked to try and do isn’t right.
However, everybody ought to be given the possibility to express themselves
using their freedom of speech to grasp what people feel relating to certain
things. They also stand to be corrected in a situation wherever the freedom is
not utilized in the proper manner. Freedom of speech was given to us as a
constitutional right to protect the citizens from the government , not to use
to your personal gain.


Melkonian, H. (2012). Freedom
of speech and society: A social approach to freedom of  expression. Amherst, NY: Cambria Press.

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