Two concepts of religion with Dr. Tillich

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want you to work on developing a better understanding of Dr. Paul Tillich’s
concept of Ultimate Concern. This is a relatively complicated and confusing
topic, and in many ways, understanding it well will help you with your final complete

Please take a look at this interview with Dr. Tillich. Pay specific attention to the sections
called “Two concepts of religion” and “what is ‘ultimate
concern.’ You may find some limited benefit from the sources listed under
the complete assignment, but I’d much prefer that you consider Tillich’s own
words for this assignment.

I’d like you to define “Ultimate Concern,” as
Dr. Tillich uses it, as completely as possible (your post should be around
200 words). 

In your interaction with these posts, I’d like you to
try to help each other clarify your understanding of the confusing concept. You
can do this by bringing up passages from the dialogue, by comparing your own
understanding with your colleagues, or by asking questions. 

Must use your own words and use correct grammar

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