Two forum posts 500 words each topic is law see description

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Forum 1 500 words with peer reviewed works cited:

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Discuss theft by false pretenses including the elements of the crime and possible defenses to the crime. Find your state’s false pretenses law and discuss any case you can find prosecuted under the law. Has this crime changed in the age of the internet? How does false pretenses apply to online transactions?

Forum 2 500 words in bluebook format with footnotes:

Research Utah law on adverse possession. Write a 500-word post addressing the definition, the steps necessary to gain adverse possession, and any defenses a property owner has to someone claiming adverse possession. Then, reply in at least 250-words each to two classmates.

Remember to cite your sources in Bluebook Format – using footnotes. You should use statutes, case law or other legal research to support your paper. Do not use or cite to attorney blogs, mortgage websites, Wikipedia, blogs or other internet sources. The foregoing resources are not reliable academic sources! Please conduct all of your research inside LexisNexis.

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