two pages chapter review, 7 pages research paper, and short quiz

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# 1. Reading report 4 is based on chapter 5 of the textbook Moral Choices, an Introduction to Ethics by Scott Rae.

The whole report should be 1 single-spaced-page long maximum (1/2 page summary + 1/2 page reflection) per assigned chapter.

# 2. The research paper reflects on one issue in bioethics or business ethics. The research will consist of presenting and critically assessing the chosen topic and evaluating, at least, two practical examples.

The details about the research paper are shared in the following rubrics:


A relevant topic in bioethics or business is chosen. (1 point)


-Identifies the various ethical aspects of the topic

-Analyzes, at least, two practical examples

-Relates the topic to the theories and principles studied in the class

-Discusses the potential challenges resulting from real-life ethical dilemmas and points toward solutions that are suggested in scholarly resources.

-Compares to Christian worldview and principles

(7 points)

Positive and negative critique

-Shows critical thinking in assessing the strong and weak points of relevant ethical theories applicable to the chosen topic

-Suggests new possible avenues for understanding and solving the practical challenges of the chosen topic (6 points)

Biblical evaluation

-Compares to biblical principles in a clear and objective manner

-Critically asses the topic in the light of biblical revelation

(6 points)


-Makes clear and relevant practical application of analysis and principles discussed in the paper to modern day life situations. (2 points)

Language and Style

-The paper contains no serious errors in grammar, spelling or mechanics.

-Single format (Turabian-Vyhmester System (Nancy W. Vyhmeister, Quality Research Papers, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 2007)) is used for in-text and bibliographic references to external resources.

-Font: size 12, Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri

-Line spacing: double

-Front page must contain the title of the paper, the student’s full name and ID#, and date of submission.

(1 point)

Number of pages

7-10 pages

The front page and the page with the bibliography do not count in the total number of 7-10 pages. (1 point)


Contains the minimum of 5 relevant books and peer-reviewed articles. (2 points)

# 3. quick quiz about chapter 5.

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