Unit 3 dicussion

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Continue with the project that you identified during Unit 2’s discussion, for which you were a member of a team that was involved in a project.

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  • Identify your project and provide a brief scope statement.
  • What type of project risks did your project team face? Include at least one risk (and explanation) from each:
    • Financial Risk
    • Technical Risk
    • Commercial Risk
    • Execution Risk
    • Contractual or Legal Risk
  • What type of risk mitigation strategies did your project team use and was the strategy successful? In hindsight, would another approach have been better?
  • What types of costs were present in your project? Include examples of fixed costs, variable costs, nonrecurring, and recurring costs.
  • Lastly, what approach was used to estimate and budget the project (Top-Down, Bottom-Up, or Activity-Based)? Were any contingencies used? Explain

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