watch the film – Back To The Future 1985 – and answer the following questions

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Here is the link for the film:

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Answer the following questions. DO NOT look up the answers! I don’t care what wikipedia or some blog says about the film, I care what you think about the film. Note that not all the answers are contained in the film; I’m asking how you think things work. Give me your best guess. Remember: really short or blank answers are worth zero points. I expect a paragraph (3-5 sentences) for each question. Any less (or very short sentences) will mean less points.

1) Who is your favorite character in the film? Why?

2) How do you think the Flux Capacitor achieves time travel?

3) Let’s assume that at some point, Dr. Brown commercializes his time machine (read: turns it into a business.) What would his time travel business look like? What would some of the challenges be in running a time travel business?

4) What do you think are some of the engineering challenges involved in making a time machine?

5) The film demonstrates some of the hazards involved in time travel. If you could travel safely through time, would you? Why or why not?

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