Week 2 Discussion- Trevor Brady

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Reply to the posts (100 words minimum for each reply). In your reply, take a position either for or against the position, but back your argument with evidence in either case.

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Personally, I don’t think that alcohol abuse should be replaced with another term. I think that for someone who is abusing alcohol and overusing alcohol then they are in fact abusing the substance and there should not be a nice or politically correct term created for that. I think that the term alcohol abuse is overused to describe any form of drinking that is not set forth by the specific guidelines for responsibly drinking. In the Navy our drinking policy is no more than one drink per hour with a max of three drinks on an occasion. That is considered alcohol abuse, which to me seems a little bit ridiculous. For me I don’t really drink that often, but when I do drink it could be considered abusing alcohol because of the amount in one sitting. But it could be considered alcohol misuse since it’s only once in a blue moon, I don’t know if it should be labeled alcohol abuse. Additionally, I think some of the other terms that were given as an example do not really fit what is trying to be described such as alcohol addiction which is the inability to make it through life without the need to use alcoholic substances, or alcoholism which could be used to describe someone with a family history of alcohol abuse or someone addicted to alcohol. For the most part alcohol abuse I feel is used as a catch all term to describe many different problems when it comes to alcohol use and I think there should be different terms to describe different scenarios.


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