Week 4 Assignment Midterm

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Based on your readings from Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 10, answer the following questions. Each response should be in your own words and should be 75-100 words minimum.

Each question should show an understanding from the textbook and what you learned during the readings. Each question is worth 25 points.

  1. What are the three more recent reasons (as opposed to the
    traditional reasons) given as to why teachers should know about
    educational assessment? Of those three reasons, choose the one that
    you feel is the most important one and then explain why you feel
    this way.
  2. There are three types of reliability evidence and three
    types of validity evidence. In your own words, provide a brief
    description of each of these six types of evidence. Then, choose
    one of the six types of evidence and give a specific example of a
    way that you could gather this type of evidence.
  3. What is meant by the term “disparate impact”? How does
    disparate impact relate to the possibility of bias in educational
    assessment? What is the most likely explanation for disparate
    impact if bias has not occurred? What are two ways that you can
    think of that might help to alleviate disparate impact in general in
  4. If you as a teacher had to decide between using
    selected-response tests or constructed-response tests in your
    classroom, how would you figure out which one to choose (if you could
    only use one or the other)? Share at least five variables that you
    would consider as you pondered your decision.


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