Week Four Assignment – Case Analysis Case Analysis Select an organization that you know very well and analyze the production and management processes. For example, if you worked for a clothing retail

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Case Analysis

Select an organization that you know very well and analyze the production and management processes. For example, if you worked for a clothing retail store, you might outline it as follows (but in more detail (3 pages) and with complete sentences and in APA style):

Production Process:

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1. Input: Men’s and women’s apparel from domestic and global manufacturers and wholesalers such as American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, and iPod.

2. Transformation: The apparel is organized by department and placed on racks. Checkout counters are strategically placed in the store and customers bring the items to a cashier who transforms the clothing item into a cash transaction and a happy customer.

3. Output: The service delivered to the customer and the revenue generated from the cash transactions.

4. Customers: The people who purchase clothing and spend their money in the store. Knowing who these customers are and identifying their needs is part of the management process.

Management Process:

1. Customer needs and desires: Surveys, market analyses, and point-of-purchase customer satisfaction forms are used to understand the customer.

2. Strategic plan: A document based on the customer needs and desires that identifies a long-term (3-5 years) vision, objectives, course of action, and implementation plan. The strategic plan might be directed at opening new stores, acquiring new suppliers, or expanding into different markets (e.g., jewelry, cosmetics).

3. Process analysis: A systematic examination of the transformation process and investigating new ways to improve how clothing is displayed and sold.

4. Creating measures: A continuous process of developing precise measures of the transformation process, product and service characteristics, and customer satisfaction, needs, and use. For example, statistical quality control techniques can be used to (a) improve the steps from clothing display to customer purchase and (b) the quality of the product and customer service. Focus groups, surveys, and in-depth interviews can be used to assess customer satisfaction, needs, and use.

5. Performance management: A system for rewarding the employees (e.g., wages, salaries, and benefits) and motivating them (e.g., incentives and perks) to improve quality and performance. Good performance management also includes active attempts to involve employees in important decisions.


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