What causes change

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During this semester, we have investigated numerous different thematic concerns, drawing on examples from around the world over the past 500 years, all with the goal of understanding how social and cultural systems shape human thought, values, and behavior. For this essay, I would like you to make a concise argument regarding our third thematic concern of the semester: “What causes change?” More specifically, I would like you to explain what one factor you think is most effective in bringing about change in a society’s patterns of thought, values, and/or behavior

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1.Clearly define the factor you identify as most effective, and provide a reason why you made that choice.

2.Keep your focus on causes of change at a societal level, rather than at the individual level.

3.Make use of evidence to support your argument with details from at least 2 distinct case studies, drawn from our readings, lectures, and discussions this semester.

4.Choose case studies based on periods that are separated by at least 100 years and drawn from the experiences of two different countries.


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