What is the relationship between religion, art, and the social good?

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[Step 2] Religion, Art & Society [70pts]

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Carefully and critically analyze all of the documents in the BMP Therioes Folder ( I attached the documents and links to three videos). Using and citing ALL of these sources answer the following prompt in a short critical essay: What is the relationship between religion, art, and the social good?

Format & Guidelines: 700 words or more, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, double spaced, MLA format

Thesis: your essay’s sentence should be its thesis. For example: “In this essay, I will argue that by critically examining the (choose one: internal/external/existential/essential) relations between religion, art, and the social good, we can… (fill in with your argument). Then outline the content of each of your essay’s paragraphs in the sentences that follows

4 Paragraphs: include one paragraph on each of the following key categories/theoretical documents: [1] logical relationships (and apply to religion, art, & the social good); [2] on religion & art; [3] on murals; and [4] on the social good. Each paragraph should include the following elements:

[1] a first sentence should summarizing what the paragraph will argue or be about,

[2] a definition of a key term paraphrased in your own words and cited,

[3] a cited quote and explanation of how it supports your paragraph’s argument or main idea,

[4] development and/or support of a logical argument,

[5] ending sentence summarizing the paragraph and transitioning into the next.

Conclusion: repeat the thesis and outline from the introduction using synonyms and restructured sentences, articulate your final moral thoughts on the subject, and any questions that future research on the subject can take.


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