Where Does Applied Research Fit Into Your Future?

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Where Does Applied Research Fit Into Your Future?



As you look ahead to your future as a professional counselor, consider how program evaluation promotes and sustains improvements in delivering mental health services. How do you see yourself implementing the research and evaluation skills you have learned in order to promote best practices? Consider the following possibilities:

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    • Will you engage in action research in your community?

    • Will you will be asked to help write a grant or to administer one?

    • Will you assist with the collection and analysis of data at your site in order to demonstrate your agency’s effectiveness?

    • Will you adapt counseling programs described in published efficacy studies for use in your own community?

      In this discussion, share your vision of how you see research fitting into your future as a professional mental health counselor. Use and cite the readings from this course that you find particularly helpful when envisioning your future possibilities.

  • Use your Royse, Thyer, and Padgett text, Program Evaluation, to complete the following:

    • In Chapter 4, read section, “Dissemination and Advocacy,” pages 111–112.

    • In Chapter 14, read sections, “Results (Findings)” and “Discussion”, pages 387–391.

    • In Chapter 14, read section, “Considerations in Planning and Writing Evaluation Reports and Manuscripts,” pages 391–396.

    • In Chapter 14, read section, “The Utilization of Evaluation Reports,” pages 397–398.


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