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  • Week 9 Discussion

    Texas Presbyterian nurse Briana Aguirre, who treated Ebola-stricken colleagues, announced publicly that her protective outfit had rips, as well as gaps, in it. This exposed her body parts to the potentially deadly Ebola virus. She claimed that hospital administration ignored her concerns when she brought it to their attention, and that she was given no Ebola training. Aguirre has received both praise , as well as harsh criticism for being a “whistleblower” for coming forward.
    Watch the videos below. Then support or challenge Aguirre’s decision to go public with this information. In your opinion:

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    • Did Aguirre act ethically or unethically in going public with this information?
    • Should she be fired from the Texas Presbyterian hospital?

    Two segments from an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN with Briana Aguirre about the conditions at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital when she cared for her friend and co-worker, Nina Pham after she tested positive for the Ebola virus.
    Segment 1: Nurse Aguirre describes the lack of training and the protective measures she was given to wear.

    Segment 2 – Nurse Aquirre describes the treatment nurses received when raising concerns about Ebola patients and lack of infectious disease containment protocols.


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