Who is availabl? Discussion Board Question: How does poverty affect who adolescents become? Remember to create you thread and respond to threads made by three of your peers. Like always, you must

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Who is availabl?

Discussion Board Question:  How does poverty affect who adolescents become?

Remember to create you thread and respond to threads made by three of your peers.  Like always, you must follow the discussion board instructions.

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Discussion Board Minimum Requirements:

Students must post at a minimum of 200 words. How you divide your minimum word count is up to you.

However,  you must post at least:



2. make comments to at least three (3) of your fellow students’ answers


3. put your word count at the end of your submission and  at the end of the three your responses to the posts made by (3) of your peers

My hope is that you will participate more than the minimum. At the end of your comments and responses, you must put the word count in parentheses. You can easily determine word count in a word processing program. Failure to include the word count will result in on (1) point deducted off your final score for each time it is not included. You must post in the appropriate week’s discussion board to earn credit.

Expressing an opinion is not enough. You will be evaluated on the consistency and quality of your posts to the weekly discussion board. I will primarily be looking for how well you support your comments. I expect you to work to make meaning of the material of the course. I will look for depth of engagement, as well as level of critical thinking and inquiry. Success hinges on keeping up with readings, and referring to them as much as possible when you do respond.

Comments should be in-depth and indicate an understanding of the readings.  (In other words, you must make it clear that you have done the readings by using material from the readings to support your point.)  Posting should be coherent, well-written, and substantial.  Posts should be spell and grammar checked.  No internet chat room abbreviations should be used.

Posts should be logical and easily followed. Readings should be cited using author and page number.  If you bring in evidence that is not included in the text book, a complete citation is required.

Remember, you must make the minimum required responses.


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