Will require you to read the attached article entitled Wicked Overseers-American Policing and Colonialism.

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This discussion will require you to read the attached article entitled: Wicked Overseers-American Policing and Colonialism. The authors take a close look at contemporary policing in America arguing that our criminal justice system and race struggles are an extension of colonialism. After reading the article, answer the following questions:

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1- What do the authors mean by contemporary colonialism and how does it influence police behavior?

2- What was the impact of the war on drugs, broken windows policing and zero tolerance approaches on urban residents, particularly on African Americans (explain each)?

3- How does the police control and manage the movements of the colonized (explain at least two tactics)?

Finally, offer your position on the argument presented by these authors and provide constructive feedback on the position of at least two classmates. Make sure you review the rubric to understand how I will grade this discussion.


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