Write a letter of Intent for topic mental health problems caused by inequalities for LGBTQ community youths Project Name – Start Date – When will the project launch? Try to be precise — to the exa

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Write a letter of Intent for topic mental health problems caused by inequalities for LGBTQ community youths  Project Name – Start Date – When will the project launch? Try to be precise — to the exact date, if possible.Problem Description – Explain the underlying problem you’re concerned about — what is the situation you want to fix? It could be anything from a sidewalk in disrepair to a rise in violent crime or a local housing shortage.Who’s Affected by the Problem or Need? Funders will want to know the people who are suffering the most from this issue — who are they? How are they connected to the problem, and what effect has it had on their lives? Describe the people who hold the highest stakes in solving the issue.Problem Implications Tell about what will happen if the problem is not resolved. What or who will suffer the most and exactly how will it impact the community? This point will likely need real-world, comparative data to back up your assertion.Potential Roadblocks or Challenges It’s important to be upfront with prospective funders about what could go wrong with your project — everything from schedule conflicts and equipment shortages to public resistance and difficult approval processes. The grantor may even have ideas on how to overcome these challenges.Sense of Urgency Why does this solution need to happen now? Why can’t it wait another minute? A good needs statement will convey why the project should be a top priority but won’t be melodramatic or exaggerated.Potential Outcome What will be the result if your proposal is accepted, and work is completed? What tangible benefits will occur, and how will lives improve? This may be the most important factor in lining up financing — it’s the result your benefactor wants to see come from their gift.Real-World Examples The problem you’re trying to solve may seem unique to your locality — but chances are other communities have faced very similar problems and found ways to solve them. Find anecdotal examples that show how your solution has worked in real life.Statistics and Data Where possible, every element in this section should be backed up by hard data. It should be extensively documented, clearly explained, and easily verifiable. Foundations and charitable organizations have missions uppermost in their minds — but they’re also businesses. All businesses thrive and survive on data and research. With this in mind, you’ll want to have as much data as they can digest to support your case.


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