Write a paper about eating disorders

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Please write a paper about Eating Disorders. You must follow the way this professor wants it or else I will get a zero.

Also, for one of the things to include, hows this relating to my service project, I work at a an organization where we provide food to those who are in need (healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables).

Please let me know if you need further instructions.

  • You should describe it like you would to someone who hasn’t taken biology in 8 years.
  • USE YOUR OWN WORDS (there should be no copy and paste even if you cite it, no matter the source – my lecture slides, the book or the internet). It should literally resemble how you would explain the topic to a well-educated person who doesn’t like biology.
  • Things to include: definition of your topic, how your topic relates to food, your service project, and to the DC area. Please list the sources that you do use: websites, books, and lecture slides.
  • Questions to answer:
    • What adverse effects result from your topic?
    • What beneficial effects result from your topic?
    • What can be done to alleviate any adverse effects (solutions/treatments)?
    • Where is the closest area to Washington, D.C affected by your topic? How?
  • Required length is 750-900 words.
  • Using APA http://www.citethisforme.com/guides/apa citing, list the sources that you use: websites, books, and lecture slides.

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