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* Write a report about one of the topics that are mentioned in the
first 3 chapters from the book (Transnational Management).  The Report must not be more than three (3)
pages and must be written in APA style. This report may come from The
Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, etc.  These reports should, among other things,
include an introduction, relevance of material to International Business
Management and conclusion/managerial implication.  The articles must bear obvious, and not
peripheral relevance to international business.

Required Book: Transnational Management: Text, Cases &.
Readings in Cross-Border Management, 7th Edition. Christopher A. Bartlett and
Paul W. Beamish 2014

MODULE 1: Strategy Development in MNEs

Chapter 1: Expanding Abroad: Motivations, Means, and Mentalities In this
chapter, we look at important questions that companies must resolve before
taking the leap to operate outside their home environment.  What market opportunities, sourcing
advantages, or strategic imperatives drive their international expansion? By
what means will they expand their overseas presence-through exports, licensing,
joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, or some other means? How will the
attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs that they bring to their international
ventures affect their chances of success? Before exploring these important
questions, however, we develop a definition of the multinational enterprise
(MNE and develop some sense of its size and importance in the global economy.

  Chapter 2: Understanding the International Context: Responding to Conflicting
Environmental Forces In this chapter, we shift our focus to the larger,
external, international environment in which they must operate.  In particular, we focus on three sets of
macro forces that drive, constrain, and shape the industries in which entities
compete globally.  First, we examine the
pressures-mostly economic-that drive companies in many industries to integrate
and coordinate their activities across national boundaries to capture scale
economies or other sources of competitive advantage.  Second, we explore the forces often social
and political-that shape other industries and how they can drive MNEs to
disaggregate their operations and activities to respond to national, regional,
and local needs and demands.  Third, we
examine how, in an information-based, knowledge-intensive economy, players in a
growing number of industries must adapt to opportunities or threats wherever
they occur in the world by developing innovative responses and initiatives that
they diffuse rapidly and globally to capture a knowledge-based competitive

Chapter 3: Developing
Transnational Strategies: Building Layers of Competitive Advantage In this
chapter, we discuss how the conflicting demands and pressures shape the
strategic choices that MNEs must make. 
In this complex situation, an MNE determines strategy by balancing the
motivations for its own international expansion with the economic imperatives
of its industry structure and competitive dynamics, the social and cultural
forces of the markets it has entered worldwide, and the political demands of
its home- and host-country governments. 
To frame this complex analysis, in this chapter, we examine how MNEs
balance strategic means and ends to build the three required dimensional
capabilities: global-scale efficiency and competitiveness, multinational
flexibility and responsiveness, and worldwide innovation and learning.  After defining each of the dominant historic
strategic approaches or what we term classic multinational, international, and
global strategies, we explore the emerging transnational strategic model that
most MNEs must adopt today. 



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