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I have sent the below email to my instructor telling him that I will be absent on Monday January 27 ,2019 due to bad weather condition around Chicago area. (I live in North of Chicago and my school in Joliet, which is about 50 miles from Chicago)

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Please accept my apologies for not attending today’s class and quiz 4. Actually, as I told you before that I live in the north side of Chicago. Due to the bad weather conditions, I decided to do not go to school today instead of driving under dangerous weather conditions all the way from Chicago to Joliet. I know how bad it’s to miss a class and quiz for the second time for the same reason, but really, it’s out of my hand and I cannot do anything.

Once again, I am sorry for not coming to class today, but you know how dangerous is to drive under this weather conditions.

My Instructor respond was as following:Write full page paper about How to make a snow day educational?

So please write full one-page paper about How to make a snow day educational?

This must be done with in less than 8 hours from now


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