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My topic is : food insecurity and food insecurity in USA

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TOTAL 7 CITATION, 2 COUNTERARGUMENT phragraph. need clear citation


  • It must include a heading, title, and be reasonably proofread.
  • It must not be shorter than 2500 words, which does not include header info or Works Cited Page
  • It must present an argument that directly answers a Question of Policy about a food justice problem.
  • The essay must be informed by independent outside research. It must incorporate at least 5 outside sources, and of those sources:
    • At least 1 Must be a primary source (it can be scholarly or conventional).
    • The remaining 6 can either be additional primary sources, or secondary sources, and:
      • at least 2 must be from Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Sources, and
      • no more than 2 may come from credible conventional sources (But you can use all scholarly sources, if you wish)
    • No tertiary sources included in the essay!
  • It must include both in-text citations for all direct quotations and paraphrases, but they can be formatted in any style (MLA, APA, Chicago Handbook, etc.).
  • It must include a Works Cited Page, but it can be formatted in any style (MLA, APA, Chicago Handbook, etc.)
  • Both the in-text citation and Works Cited Page must be in the same style.
  • It must engage with at least 2 counterargument.
  • It must clearly incorporate at least one suggestion for revision from either the Peer Review or instructor feedback on 2.1.


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