Writing project 4: QUOTES FOR A NEWS RELEASE

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In Session 8, you were introduced to Writing Project 3. As a reminder, this is what your Writing Project 3 assignment was:

Park Ranger Public Relations has been hired by Homer Simpson to promote a new extreme sport known as “Iron Cross.” Simpson is CEO of a company called
Radical Sports Unlimited. Your job is to develop public relations materials to support his initiative.

In Writing Project 1, we developed a blog post to begin raising awareness of Iron Cross. In Writing Project 2, we informed Traverse City, Michigan, opinion
leaders that Simpson plans to stage the first race there.

Your task for Writing Project 3 is to develop a news release draft to introduce Iron Cross to the news media. From this point forward, we will assume that Traverse City leadership
has approved staging the Iron Cross in their town.

We have not yet covered quotes, so for now you are doing everything but the quotes for this news release. (Looking ahead, Writing Project 4 will allow
you to revise this draft, and you will be adding quotes to Writing Project 4.)

To succeed, your news release must reflect the format and style elements described in your textbook and discussed in class. Your release must explain
who Simpson is and describe his company. It should include key details about the event and the location. Such details would be similar to those developed in your blog post and good-news letter.


1. The inverted pyramid.

2.Who your target audience is.

3.News voice.

Technical Requirements and Disclaimers:

1. Leslie Knope, APR, is the contact person for this release.

2. Use your section’s due date as the release date.

3. DO NOT put your name on the release!

4. Do NOT transmit the release! This assignment is based on a fictional situation.

5. Prepare your post as a Microsoft Word-compatible file and attach it to the D2L dropbox.

6. This assignment includes fictional information. “RadSportsUnltd” is a fictional Facebook page. “RadSports.com” is a fictional website.

That brings us to Writing Project 4.

For Writing Project 4, you will develop 2 possible quotes for the release you worked on for Writing Project 3. Specifically, you will
develop two possible quotes for Homer Simpson and two possible quotes for Traverse City Mayor Tim Barruthers.

Upload a Word doc with your name and PID and the following format:

Homer Simpson:

Possible quote No. 1:

Possible quote No. 2:

Tim Barruthers

Possible quote No. 1:

Possible quote No. 2:

Follow AP Style.

Remember what we say in lecture: Rather than wasting three words with “We are excited” you have options such as:

1, Talk about the impact of your news on the company, location, employees, community or industry.

2.Call attention to something specific or an action taking place.

3. Offer up some perspective into the problem and steps toward a solution.


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