you have been exposed to the various forms of fertility and reproductive ‘tools’ which currently exist – e.g., artificial insemination using a sperm donor, then also In vitro fertilization (IVF), su

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you have been exposed to the various forms of fertility and reproductive ‘tools’ which currently exist – e.g., artificial insemination using a sperm donor, then also In vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy, among other methods to help people conceive.

After reading on conception and fertilization, take a look at the questions posed below and consider your responses carefully, then post your reactions/opinions to this forum.

Consider this scenario:

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Imagine that you have decided that you want to raise a family and are at the point in your life where you are


for children. You and your partner have been trying to conceive a child for months without success, but you’ve not really been paying attention. When you realize it’s been many months without success, you two decide to get serious and start ‘maximizing’ your chances by being more conscientious about timing (timing of ovulation, or peak fertility during the month). Still, more months go by and no success. It’s been a full year now and still no success, and you’re quite surprised, as you’d never thought you or your family had any fertility issues. One day during casual conversation with friends, you find out about a reputable doctor who has helped couples with fertility issues – you don’t know what that means, but you figure maybe it wouldn’t hurt to find out why you haven’t been successful after a year of trying. So, you two go into the doctor to have a consultation and the doctor does some testing. She tells you the results of the tests and explains your fertility treatment options.

Answer these questions:

  • If you found that you (or your partner) could


    conceive naturally without reproductive/fertility assistance, how likely is it that you would forgo having your own biological children (and either adopt or not have children)?
  • Would you try to conceive using whatever reproductive medical therapies there are – would you be open to some methods, but not others (for example, using hormone treatments for egg-related problems? Sperm donor in the case of a sperm-related problem? Using In-vitro fertilization for other egg-related problems? Using a surrogate (gestational carrier)?)
  • Would you simply go the adoption route and “give up” having biological children?
  • Finally, if you would choose


    to use any fertility treatments, how do you feel about


    who do? What are you thoughts?

In your answers, simply explain what you think about reproductive/fertility treatments and how you think you’d respond if you were in the situation I’ve described.

You don’t necessarily need to write a book to answer these questions, but I want you to provide a thorough, thoughtful reflection on the issues I’ve raised

you have been exposed to the various forms of fertility and reproductive ‘tools’ which currently exist – e.g., artificial insemination using a sperm donor, then also In vitro fertilization (IVF), su
On two different paragraph of 300 words give your personal opinion to Joshua Green and Heather Azzarone Heather Azzarone  Topic 1 Course:  MT340 Conflict Management and Team Dynamics Description:  This course addresses team dynamics of organizations in an increasingly complex work environment. Group behavior, team building, and decision making are examined. Theories and issues of leadership as well as the implications of power, politics, and conflict in the workplace are discussed. There is an emphasis on the development of a better understanding of individual and group interactions and the components and styles of effective negotiation. A greater appreciation of organizational culture and diversity, and an understanding of managing change is applied to real-world scenarios. Course Outcome:  Examine the strengths and weaknesses of a team in various situations. * Recommend a process for building an effective team. *Explain how diversity benefits a working team. *Develop team problem-solving procedures. *Develop creative and critical thinking in teams. *Apply conflict management, negotiation, and leadership principles to issues of professional practice. Learning Statements:  Identify diverse candidates through extensive hiring process Arrange weekly staff meetings to ensure team cohesiveness The levels of learning demonstrated are create and evaluate, as I would have created my team and evaluated their effectiveness at staff meetings.  I feel my statements, once expounded upon, would demonstrate my mastery as I can provide examples of our hiring processes and know the effectiveness of routine staff meetings. After reading some of my classmates learning statements, I definitely need to spend more time developing stronger statements for my final submitted portfolio. Topic 2 I feel my challenges may come with providing documentation for my learning.  I am also very worried at the time it is taking to complete my portfolio while trying to continue to perform all the duties of my job.  Kerrie’s response is copied below.  I will be adding more courses hopefully.     Hi Heather, and thank you for providing us your course list –    After reviewing your list of courses against your degree plan, *most courses align and are applicable – well done! Please find my recommendations below in blue.   CS204 – Core CM107 – Core CM220 – Core HU245 – Core   MT140 – Major MT203 – Major MT302 – Major MT340 – Major/Concentration MT435 – Major HR400 – Major/Concentration MT460 – Major   *CM250 – NOT NEEDED, REMOVE –    Recommendations: After the successful completion of EL206 (that will count as 6-credits in your Open Electives), your Open Electives will be satisfied. Therefore, you will not need to include CM250 in your portfolio. As all of your Open Electives (will be) fulfilled, you will want to focus your attention on your Core/Major courses (as you’ve done so far). I encourage you to review all of your Major courses to see if there are any others you may be able to include in the portfolio. Otherwise, the course list above is sound. Great job!   If any other degree plan questions, please feel free to reach out. Sincerely, ~Kerrie      Joshua Green  Topic 1: FS102 Building Construction for Fire Protection DESCRIPTION:   This course explores the fundamentals of building construction, types of structures, and structure designs, as well as the impact of building construction on firefighting. Students will study the forces that impact these structures and the codes applied to buildings and fire safety. They will also learn how buildings are constructed and how fire behaves with various building materials. COURSE OUTCOME:  *Apply the standards of building construction, as well as building and fire codes, to firefighter safety. *Illustrate how forces and loads act upon buildings. *Identify types of building designs and structures. *Define the basic codes and regulations related to building construction projects. *Examine the various types of construction materials in order to describe the dangers posed to firefighters. Classify buildings, per IFC 2015, to determine fire protection for that structure. Examine new and existing structures for code enforcement and what shall per required for the occupancy. The first learning statement of “Classify” would be under comprehension. And the second started with “Examine”, which fell under Analysis. I feel that the course outcomes for this course have to do with the materials that go into the making the structure. To firefighters there are many important aspects. Fire behavior and building construction are sometimes argued to be the most important. At my department, I am the Fire and Life Safety Inspector. I work closely with the building inspector before a new structure is built. And I perform annual inspections on existing businesses. Topic 2: The challenges I think I will have is coming across a course that I actually want to take. Since going back to school I have enjoyed taking the courses and learning a lot. Some of the courses I am petitioning for I know very well since I have been doing them for a while. I look forward to hearing from the specialists. And I look forward to taking the course if I have to as well. Josh

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